5 of Coco’s favorite books – Set in a School

Back to school is in full swing, and as much as I get stressed about getting my kids ready to go back – I absolutely love books that take place in a school setting! Whether that be contemporary or fantasy, there’s such a fun element to a school setting and peer dynamics that always keep me hooked. Keep reading for five of my favorite books set in a school!

Naomi Novik is one of my favorite authors and I’ve always loved her fantasy novels. This story is set in a school unlike no other. As children enter puberty, their magic attracts vicious creatures known as Mal’s which want to literally eat them and consume their magic. Therefore, a magical school is created to house students from Freshman to Senior year to keep them safe. There are no teachers at the school, only students and an omnipresent building that provides their education. Magical elements of dark academia, beautiful world building, and snarky yet lovable characters. This is book 1 of a trilogy, and the final installment publishes September 27, 2022. 

Anyone that follows my Instagram isn’t the least bit surprised that this book made the list. I read Fresh this spring and devoured the story over a weekend. It’s a stand alone, contemporary novel about a girl entering her freshman year of college. The story has ADHD and bi-sexual representation and is humorous and heartfelt. I am legit grinning as I write this, remembering all the fun scenes and moments of this novel. A fun light read, with sex positivity, and interesting format of storytelling as the author incorporates in footnotes! 

Despite this ending up in the YA section, I feel this series teters on the New Adult line a bit more. The story follows, Mia, a girl seeking vengeance on the Senate for murdering her family. She enters into the Red Church and joins a school of assassins to train and plan her revenge. This story is dark, nuanced, and one of my all time favorite trilogies! All books in the series have been published.  

Venturing more into the adult romance genre, this book takes place on a college campus centered around Junior students and the Hockey team. The captain of the hockey team is failing one of his classes and must convince a girl in his class to help tutor him. They make a deal where in exchange, he will help her get the attention of her football playing crush. This leads to a case of fake dating. Expect some spice and adult content with this one. I loved getting dual POVs with the main characters and that each had developed backstories and plot outside of the central theme. This is book 1 of the 5 book series, all of which are published. 

Keeping with our college theme, this book is set in a graduate school PHD program in the STEM field. During a late night at the lab, our PHD student makes a rash decision to kiss one of the sexy professors which leads them into a fake dating scenario of their own. I’m obviously obsessed with this trope lately. Though this book has less spice than The Deal, you can expect some very steamy moments along with cute banter and a fun element of science and women in the STEM field. 

All of these are new favorites of mine; if you end up giving any a try please tag me on Instagram and let me know what you think! Wishing everyone a fun back to school experience this fall. 

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