6 Books to Read this Summer

Summer is one of my absolute favorite seasons. I love the hyped energy, everyone’s sense of play, and spending time soaking up the sun and floating in water. But what makes my summer days even more delightful – summer reads! I feel like this is the season most non-readers finally take the plunge to pick up a book. It’s a time where we allow ourselves self-care and permission for escapism. Thus, the inspiration for this post! Keep reading for six summer reads recommended by yours truly!

Nothing says summer to me like pirates on the high sea, and this book absolutely hits those marks! This is the first book in a YA fantasy duology which will sweep you off your feet. Being the daughter of the pirate king comes with quite the reputation and our feisty heroine, Alosa, is a force to be reckoned with. You can expect an enemies to lovers romance and witty banter that will leave you grinning.

Up next, this adult romcom will have you craving a turkey leg and searching for a local Renaissance Faire. After her sister is in an accident, Emily moves in for the summer to help with daily life and chauffeuring around her teenage niece. However, she gets roped into being a volunteer for the Renaissance Faire and isn’t sure what to think of this crazy group of individuals who don accents and alter egos for their performances. She’s trying to do her best, but the Faire leader, Simon, is wholly unimpressed with her nonchalant attitude. While he’s critiquing her every move at rehearsals, he transforms into a flirty pirate on faire days and can’t seem to stay away from the new tavern wench – our girl Emily! 

Abandoned on a cutthroat island by her father, Fable is determined to survive and find a way back to the Narrows to claim what is hers. This is a YA fantasy duology featuring a ragtag crew aboard a ship and a cross seas adventure filled with betrayal, secrets, and breathtaking underwater diving scenes. 

Another YA fantasy series, but this story takes place on land and filled with the most beautiful plant descriptions! Briseis lives in Brooklyn with her two adoptive moms and harbors a big secret. Inexplicably, plants respond to Bri and her emotions anytime she is near them. Trees lean in, vines grow sporadically. It’s as if she’s a magnet they can’t resist. One day a lawyer contacts Bri and her parents to let them know that a biological relative of Bri has passed away and left her an impressive estate in rural New York. The family decides to take the summer to visit the new land and make decisions of what to do with it. This book has amazing adoption and LGBTQ representation which made my heart very happy. This book captures the essence of summer exploration and play perfectly! 

Is anyone truly surprised that I have another ocean themed recommendation? Haha! If you know me, then you know I’m a huge fan of water. I love swimming and being immersed in the sea as often as possible, so it’s fair to assume I read a lot of ocean themed books. This is a YA fantasy duology filled with beauty and darkness. Amora is a princess that has spent her life training to be the new leader, however when her test of power ends terribly, she is forced to flee. The world building of this novel is top notch and will have you island hopping and seeing each island’s inhabitants’ unique magical qualities while Amora searches for a way to prove she is fit to rule. This series is heavy on the magical side and features one of my favorite mermaid characters! 

Last but not least, my final recommendation is a contemporary romance novel set at a literary themed hotel in Florida. Maeve is a marine biologist who studies sharks and has been obsessed with these ocean creatures ever since she was bit by one as a child. She returns to her hometown in Florida and like all great return home stories, she is faced with seeing her ex-love interest and things begin to get a little messy. I loved the scenes of Maeve swimming with the sharks and the fun facts the author threw in about them and the problems of illegal shark hunting. 

Now that you have your TBR all planned out, go forth and read! Message me on my IG or comment here and let me know which books you read off this list or any I should add to mine! I’d love to know what you think!


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