A Good Marriage – 4 Star Review

“I was always so willing to accept anything that might get us back to that perfect place where we’d begun.”

-Kimberly McCreight, A Good Marriage

“A Good Marriage” is a domestic and small-part legal thriller that is a fun ride as secrets get uncovered and someone ends up murdered. We follow Lizzie, an attorney who gets saddled with representing an old law-school friend, Zach, after he is jailed for assaulting an officer. Zach also winds up being the main suspect in his wife’s murder. Lizzie doesn’t believe Zach is guilty, but as his own secrets unfold, she begins to question her gut feeling. Can she entertain the idea of Zach murdering his wife? We soon find out that Lizzie is also dealing with her own marital issues that she is desperately trying to keep separate and quiet from her working life. Can Lizzie prove Zach is innocent? Can she keep her marriage and work problems separated or will they be forced to intertwine?

A Good Marriage also provides us with another POV which is told through Amanda, the girl who gets murdered, and we follow her in the days leading up to her death. We learn that Amanda has secrets of her own from the past and is floating by in an extremely lackluster marriage to Zach. Who is responsible for Amanda’s death? Has her past caught back up to her?

The beginning of this novel was a little slow for me. There were more structural, law-driven descriptions than character or story development for roughly the first 100 pages. However, once new information and secrets start being revealed, I was hooked! There are a few aspects around Amanda that I felt were built up and make the reader question what was real and what was not. Normally I love the mystery of it all but the book doesn’t give a straightforward answer so it felt like a plot hole or an unexplored or incomplete aspect of Amanda’s story. That being said, I would definitely recommend this book to those who like domestic thrillers packed with secret reveals and drama. Thank you BookishFirst and HarperCollins Publishers for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Review by Kelly

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