A Very Punchable Face – 4 Star Review

Colin Jost.

I have to admit I was one of those people that thought “WOW, this guy is BORING!” when he took the position of news anchor on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. He touches on this and all the awful things people said on that internet in this book and I’m glad that he never gave up because I really grew to like Colin! It is hard to fill the spot of someone that was so loved and did so well in the former anchor slot. Little did I know when I was first watching Colin on my TV, that he had been a head writer at SNL for quite some time and has written some of my favorite sketches, “Drunk Uncle” being one of them. Colin always had the comedic chops for SNL, but struggled with being himself on screen which is something I think a lot of people can relate to. I enjoyed the look into SNL from a writer’s perspective and it lines up with previous memoirs I’ve read by Tina Fey and Amy Pohler. Jost talks about his times and experiences with SNL, but it is a sugar coated version. Understandable since he’s currently still employed with them, I wouldn’t expect him to start spouting off all the dirt, but everything is pretty positive and just a surface level “behind the curtain” look.

This book was filled with hilarious personal stories, a few serious memories and is just an all-around good time. I chose to audio book this because I love listening to memoirs read by the respective author, but I missed out on all the funny and disgusting pictures that were referenced throughout the novel. Jost attempts several times to persuade the listener to also purchase the novel to see the pictures (basically a running joke throughout the audio book) and he makes a strong case, but buying two copies of a book isn’t happening over here. Pros and cons of an audio, I suppose!

There is nothing ground-breaking or any truly unbelievable stories in this memoir (except maybe the pants-shitting moments. Yes, moments.), but it doesn’t claim to have any of that. In my opinion, Colin led a relatively normal childhood in Staten Island filled with some funny situations or memories. It is interesting to see how one can relate to a famous person before the fame, how they really are just humans like you and me. I will be recommending this to any other friends who enjoy SNL or are looking for an easy to follow, funny audio book.

Review by Kelly

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