All the Stars and Teeth Review – 4.5 Stars

“Fear is a part of life; all that matters is what we do with it.”

-Adalyn Grace – All the Stars and Teeth

I chose to read this book for the Litsy Markup Postal Book Club that Coco and I participate in. I’d seen it floating around the social medias because it was in the February Owlcrate box and a Book of the Month selection. I was really craving a fantasy read and I saw this had pirates, mermaids and adventure! It sounded like a book that would be fun to read with friends and boy, was I right. This book was GREAT!

We meet Amora Montara, future heir to a kingdom made up of many magical-bearing islands collectively called Visidia. She gets thrown into the personal task of saving her kingdom from an uprising lead by a man named Kaven. She joins up with a surly pirate named Bastian who helps her navigate the islands with a magical ship and they eventually come to agreement with a mermaid named Vataea. They barter an agreement with her for more help in confronting the rebels.

Let me tell you, Vataea is probably one of the BEST characters I’ve read about in quite some time. I absolutely loved her, I wanted more scenes with her and I hope that the next book will contain more of her. The world-building is absolutely spot on in this book. It is descriptive without being too much. The chapters in the book where they visit the island of Mornute was probably my favorite of the whole book. It was filled with so much magic and beauty and FUN. It reminded me a little of The Capitol from The Hunger Games series as the island is very fashion forward with flashy hairstyles and colorful makeup on the inhabitants.

I knocked this half a star because Amora’s character depth seemed a little flat at times. She felt like a one-trick pony for a lot of the book but did show some development toward the end. There’s also a relationship that I did NOT like to start with but warmed up to a little at the end. I’m still a little iffy on it but to be frank, I’ll let it slide because everything else in this book was spot on.

This author appears to intend for this story to be a duology and I think it’s set up perfectly for it. This won’t be one of those stories that drones on for 3 or 5 books and it doesn’t need to be. Unless you’re giving me a book about the island of Mornute. Throw that in, I won’t complain.

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