Beach Read – 4.5 Star Review

Okay. I think this book made me have a revelation about myself. I, Kelly, like contemporary romance novels. A few months back I made myself say out loud “I like rom-coms” but I think I need to be honest with myself and really go all the way. I need to quit pigeonholing myself and accept it. I always thought romances were just cheesy and contained ideas that didn’t happen “in the real world” but I’ve read quite a few recently to prove otherwise. I still stand firm in my belief that I am not interested in harlequin romances or “time-period romances”. Maybe I should read one to see if that holds true but, I think I’ll pass for now. Let’s not get too crazy.

Beach Read follows January Andrews as she moves into her recently deceased father’s cabin to clear out the belongings. She also needs to write a new romance novel that her publisher is demanding and having that ever-present writer’s block. She discovers her new neighbor is an old college acquaintance/writing nemesis named Augustus (Gus) Everett. Gus is also a published “doom and gloom” author and has found himself in the same creative-rut that January is in. They hatch a challenge with each other to write a book in the other person’s preferred genre. Gus writes a “happy ever after” romance novel and January writes a novel with hardship and sorrow. January and Gus soon find each other tangled up in each other’s baggage and thus, a romance blossoms.

I am a sucker for the dark, brooding and broken boys that are often found in fantasy novels and Gus is just that. I think that is the one trope I will never tire of. What I did get a bit annoyed with is January. Sometimes I wanted to shake her and say “GIRL, IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.” She had some real issues getting past her own relationship baggage and “herself”. I had to knock a little bit off for that but otherwise, a really solid novel. I enjoyed the author’s writing and the story paced itself well. I wanted to keep picking the book up in between my household distractions to read just a little bit more before the next distraction. If anyone was hesitant about reading a book labeled in the “romance” genre I would absolutely recommend this. It has enough humor in it to keep you chuckling and the plot contained enough depth that it isn’t limited to solely being a romance story.

Review by Kelly

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