Belladonna – 5 Star Review

“It began with the cry of a baby.”

belladonna by adalyn grace

It’s here! The official cover art for Belladonna by Adalyn Grace and I simply cannot deal! I was blessed by the book gods and was able to read this amazing book early, keep reading for more info on what the hype’s all about and why this is a new 5-star favorite read for me.

Belladonnna’s opening scene will leave your jaw dropping and will hook you into the story with gusto. Signa believes herself cursed, for Death follows her wherever she goes. This doesn’t prelude well for her as she will soon be entering her debut season and yearns for a proper socialite lifestyle, or so she thinks. I loved the mystery that surrounded Signa regarding her curse and/or powers that enables her to see spirits and commune with Death himself. The scenes were so tangible and will leave the reader wanting to share their own ghost story encounters with friends. This book will be such a fun book club read and I can guarantee that my own IG book club Live with Coco and Chi will be covering it in 2022 when it releases! Signed & Personalized copies can be purchased at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore & Adalyn has promised pre-order goodies to be announced on her Instagram at a later date!

I could not read this quick enough, but at the same time did not want the story to end. It was a busy week of house shopping and family visiting when this book appeared in my inbox, which was great because it forced me to savor this story instead of devouring it in a single inhale which is what I wanted to do. 

Belladonna is an upper YA, gothic infused, murder mystery-who done it type of story. Signa is put in a situation where she must work with Death to solve the murder of her aunt and discover who is targeting her family. The problem is, can Signa trust Death? More so, can she trust herself with him as feelings begin to grow? 

In true Adalyn style, the author combines dark and grotesque elements with beauty throughout her world and a delightful dash of humor. The world building was utterly atmospheric and a complete vibe that I adored! You can expect a full spectrum of complex characters, which will keep you guessing until the very end of who done it and what exact secrets everyone holds – for there are many! Not to mention a possible love triangle and the passion and steam which will leave the reader swooning and yearning for a re-read after closing the final page. 

I feel a bit like Signa myself. Blessed to be able to read an early copy yet cursed because I must now wait even longer for the sequel Foxglove. Trust me when I say, pre-order this book friends – you will love it!! Coming August 2022, but read the prologue now by clicking here!

Reviewed by Coco

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