Cassidy Blake Series – 5 Star Review

After reading VE Schwab’s The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue this summer and falling in love, I realized that I have been SLEEPING on this incredibly talented author. I’ve since committed to reading her entire back log, which led me to binge-buddy-reading her Cassidy Blake series with fellow blogger Kelly! Honestly, it was the Middle Grade story I didn’t know I was missing in my life! 

Ever since Cassidy had a near death experience, she discovered a new magical talent. She can sense the place between the living and the dead, The Veil. This allows her to step into the other side and see ghosts and the places they are haunting. Not only that, but she also now has a best friend, Jacob, who is himself a ghost. The ironic part of Cassidy’s life is that her parents are authors of best-selling ghost stories and are about to film a new TV show based off their books. So, while they make a living off ghostly adventures, Cassidy is the only one who truly has a connection to the other side which makes for entertaining scenarios. 

City of Ghosts is the first book in the series, and we get to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland for the filming of her parents’ first episode. Each book takes place at a new location, and I promise it will feel as if you are traveling along with her and getting an exclusive dip into Scottish culture. Schwab’s story transported me to the streets of Edinburgh as if I was getting a personalized walking tour of the city chocked full of ghost stories and history. I read an interview with the author that every ghost story within this first book was based off historical records of true stories from Edinburgh (except for the main antagonist – that one was original from VE herself). My favorite stories are ones steeped in truth, that leave me feeling like not only did I escape into a new world, but discovering I learned something new along the way.

“Stories have a way of making the world feel bigger.”

Bridge of souls by ve schwab

The second novel, Tunnel of Bones, takes place in Paris, France. While the last installment of the series (to date), Bridge of Souls, is located within the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Though I enjoyed Tunnel of Bones, the first and last books of this series are my absolute favorites! Each book we get to meet new characters, but we also revisit characters from the first in the series as well. I loved the continuity of the series and how each book had unique problems for Cassidy to overcome. 

Her friendship with Jacob was the absolute sweetest. They end up in some tight situations that will have your heart aching, because being best friends with a ghost in some of the most haunted places in the world comes with its own hazards.  If you enjoy traveling via stories, spooky ghost tales, and humorous adventures with friends then you should read this series. It was quick, sweet, and forever earned a place on my shelf. I don’t know if VE Schwab plans to write more in this series or not, but I really hope she does! Highly recommend for Middle Graders on up – everyone will enjoy this story. 

I would like to disclose this entire series shows love to Harry Potter, as Cassidy is a huge fan. I was raised a Potterhead and thoroughly enjoyed all the references, but I know some readers are turned off with references to that series or prefer warnings ahead of time.

I’ve read this series, Addie LaRue, and The Near Witch all by VE Schwab. I plan to continue her backlog with the New Year, and I think I’m going to start with A Darker Shade of Magic next. Stay tuned, and happy reading friends!

-Reviewed by Coco

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