Coven – 4.5 Star Review

Coven is comprised of all the things I love! It has LGBTQ+ rep, a fall setting, a witchy main character, sassy teens, and beautiful illustrations.

Graphic novels sometimes suffer from transitional issues when a writer and illustrator work together on a project, but this book did not have any of that. I was impressed at the smooth transitions of art panels and how the dialog and story plot flowed without any gaps. The characters also had the BEST facial expressions throughout and reading the story almost felt animated, but not in an overly exaggerated way. I loved this element and thought that it added personality depth to each of the characters. 

The main character, Emsy, is a teenager living her best surf life in sunny California when suddenly her parents inform her, that they are moving back to New York to rejoin their coven after a coven-mate family was massacred. In traditional teenage drama, Emsy is absolutely pissed. She doesn’t want to leave her girlfriend or friends to join a coven she doesn’t even know. Emsy views her witch ancestry as more parlor tricks and doesn’t understand the depth of her power or community. We get to see her explore her magic, meet her coven, and embark on a journey to find out who murdered her coven-mates. 

The pacing of the story flowed perfectly, except right at the end of the book. Honestly, it was a 5-star read up until the last pages. I felt like everything resolved almost a bit suddenly and I wanted the resolutions flushed out a tiny bit more – specifically what happened to the villain & one of the love interest arcs. I do wonder if this will be a series or not. It ended in a way that wrapped up the story, but I could also see the story expanded on more. I would love to read more from this world and characters, so I honestly wouldn’t be mad at a series! 

I’m so thrilled to have a copy of this book on my shelves and recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories about Witches and enjoy (or want to try) graphic novels. 

Reviewed by Coco

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