Fable – 5 Star Review

Here we go, Adrienne Young has ripped my heart out and cradled it in between the pages of one of her books. Yet again. Fable is a 5 star for me. The pacing of this book is gripping and exciting the whole way through. I read this book in a matter of 24 hours, and that it is not something that I do often. Fable is an immersive journey of truth and determination. 

The story starts you off running along Fable and you are instantly shown the stakes of her life. She lives on a cutthroat dredger Island, where they dive and pluck gems and such from the ocean, to sell to traders on their way to the Narrows (The trading Islands). 

We quickly learn that Fable is working endlessly to get off this Island and buy passage to Ceros, so that she may crew a ship for one of the best trades in all the Narrows, who she happens to know.  I enjoyed how ruthless this entire world is. It was so believable for a sea faring village, that the climate of their lives be so—life or death.  I found myself holding deep breaths along with the character, more than once, as she dived in the waters. I hate boats yet this story had me dreaming of casting lines and hauling sails. 

Adrienne never lets us down on many twists and turns throughout the entire story. I fell in love with each and every character, rooting for them the along the journey. I am a sucker for a crew. The romance arch of the story is slow burning and had me screaming “KISS ALREADY.” 

Now lets talk about Fable. Strong female characters watch out, because this one does it for me. She is so sure of herself, never questioned what she was capable of. She lead with her heart and more than once showed that her merciless world could be better. She was impulsive at times, and thoughtful at other times. She is desperate for connection and family, stopping at nothing to get it. Choosing to actively push through her past and the things that haunt her, to get the life that she is owed. Her story is far from over and I will most definitely be preordering Namesake.  

Reviewed by Katie

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