Frizzy – 5 Star Review

This YA graphic novel was absolutely beautiful! I loved the illustrations and color scheme, as well as the storyline and characters. The story follows a young Dominican girl, Marlene, struggling with her family’s and classmates’ bias of good hair vs bad hair. She and her mother visit the salon every Sunday to straighten their hair, and the story kicks off with an extra salon visit for a Quince the family is attending. After a few hair mishaps at school, Marlene begins to get bullied by her classmates which will leave your heart aching.

However, our heroine is strong-hearted and persistent. The reader gets to follow along with Marlene as she begins to push back on the societal standards about what she should and should not look like. She asks candid questions and challenges the adults in her life.

I was impressed at the depth of the characters and their backstories considering the graphic novel format. The plot flowed with smooth panel transitions and kept me captivated for the entire reading. I loved the complex familial relationships and how amazing her Tia was, who teaches Marlene how to care for her curls and embrace the natural hairstyle of our protagonist’s dreams.

I love the message of family and how Marlene learns to stand proud in her choices. Highly recommend to all my fellow graphic novel lovers! 

Reviewed by Coco

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