Happy & You Know It – 3 Star Review

“Or maybe Whitney could impress upon her daughter the thing that she was only beginning to learn—that women didn’t have to be perfect to be worthy.”

Laura Hankin, Happy & You Know It

I’ve been a member of Book of the Month for over three years now, which means I have amassed a pretty decent backlog of books that I really need to read and clear out of my shelf. Thus, I have started a personal challenge of reading at LEAST one of my BOTM backlog books a month. Welcome to my new segment: BOTM Backlog Reviews. Today we are dusting off (literally) Happy & You Know It by Laura Hankin, which was a May 2020 release.

Happy & You Know It is told from multiple POVS, the main one being Claire. Claire has recently found her self kicked out of her band that wound up making it big after her departure. Claire is struggling to figure out what to do with herself and winds up answering an ad to become the musical entertainment for a playgroup of infant children. Claire is enveloped in the well-to-do atmosphere of the playgroup and enjoys it until she makes a startling discovery that could upend everything.

My general thoughts on this is that it felt like a trashy reality TV show with so many train wrecks it was hard to look away. Claire is the only seemingly level headed person in this group, with Amara being a close second. All the other women seemed a bit out of touch or at least not characters I could relate to. The main “discovery” that Claire finds left me a little bit disappointed and with extra questions on how exactly this could work in the real world. Maybe I just don’t know the right kind of people or have the proper connections.

What did work for me was the realization of how difficult being a mother can be, especially with all the outside societal pressures we face these days. The playgroup mothers are forced to come to terms with the fact that all we can do is our best and hope that we aren’t damaging our kids along the way. Even though I couldn’t find myself relating to these women, motherhood guilt comes in many different forms and comes for everyone at one time or another.

While this book wasn’t exactly the book for me, if you’re a fan of TV shows like The Real Housewives I would definitely recommend this one for you. This book brings the catty quips, the drama and the scandal with a few women you hate to love and love to hate.

-Review by Kelly

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