Home Before Dark – 5 Star Review

“Every house has a story to tell.”

-Riley Sager, Home Before Dark

Let me start this review by giving a little bit of my personal history and opinion on Riley Sager and his previous works. His writing style has been a slow build throughout the book with a wild, frantic ending. I personally don’t like this style for thrillers and have been left disappointed by the past two books I’ve read of his. A fellow Monthly Book Club mod and I (shout out to Sara Y!) share this same opinion and we both decided that we would give this book a try and if it was more of the same, we would be officially “done” with Sager.

I am pleased to report that we both have decided not to quit Sager. This book was fantastic! The pacing of the story was quick throughout and kept me engaged the whole time. The premise of this book is that Maggie’s father wrote a novel that became famous world-wide about a haunted house that the family lived in when Maggie was 5. They lived in the house for 21 days before fleeing and vowing never to return. Twenty-five years later, Maggie returns to the house to fix it up and sell it, and maybe to uncover some secrets about it. “Home Before Dark” is split into two parts. The chapters switch between her father’s book “House of Horrors” which details the paranormal events that Maggie and her family went through, and present-time Maggie as she stays in the house.

This book is what I wished “Lock Every Door” had been. It has a good amount of paranormal activity in it and the house holds such rich, murderous history that the whole book kept me turning pages to see what would happen next! Admittedly, I do not try and “figure it out” as I’m reading mystery books, I just enjoy the ride and see where it takes me. The ending had some good reveals and surprises, and I trusted no one! Some criticism about this book has been that it followed the book/Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House” too closely. While there are no doubt similarities, I feel like Home Before Dark holds its own and is not the same story as Haunting of Hill House. This book would be a great selection to read during the month of October for some spooky Halloween vibes. Also, a warning to the masses, there are snakes in this book. Enjoy! *shudders*

Review by Kelly

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  1. Yes!! Loved this one! Still a little skeptical of any Sager new release though lol. But will still read it 🙂

    1. haha You’re right! I’m not sure how anything else he releases could live up to this but we shall see!

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