How the Gherkins Stole Christmas – 2 Star Review

How the Gherkins Stole Christmas by D.M. Farrell is a funny riff on Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It explores themes of friendship and the holiday season.

Throughout the days leading up to Christmas, holiday joy dwindles, leaving the residents of Catsburg with a whole lot of humbug and naughtiness. The Pickles are summoned to bring back the spirit of the season, while Snowball the cat tries to foil their plans spreading rumors that they are aliens.

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This book a a miss for me. It was told in a format where the speaker or narrator is speaking to the characters directly, but the characters don’t speak back. It was more like the writing was inspired by the illustrations instead of the other way around. I found the story to be confusing and a bit awkward to read. I was also thrown by the title since nowhere in the story do we meet the Gherkins. I assume these are the Pickles, but that is never explained or referenced. My guess is this could be a spin-off from another series, but since I wasn’t familiar with it – the title itself was odd to me.

Thank you Curiosity Ink Media for supplying a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. How the Gherkins Stole Christmas is available in stores now.

Reviewed by Coco

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