How the North Pole Works – a Mixed Review

How the North Pole Works is a children’s book that reads like a travel guide or encyclopedia for someone wanting to go to the North Pole or simply learn more about this amazing destination. The illustrations were stunning and each page was a feast for the eyes. Kids will love dissecting each location that is highlighted in this guidebook with all the intricacies and hidden details. It truly is beautiful.

How The North Pole Works includes short, descriptive and visual explanations of key locations, such as Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen, North Pole Post Office, Reindeer Stables, Retail Shops, North Pole University, Elf Bungalows, Northern Lights Train Co and the Reindeer Flight School. Explore locations such as Snowman Mountain, Christmas Tree Ranch, Yeti Cave, Lollipop Marsh, Gingerbread Canyon, Candy Cane Forest, Hot Cocoa Geyser, Penguin Point, The Enchanted Mint Chocolate Forest, Gummy Bear Island, and Narwhal Pass. Enjoy short and sweet biographies of some of the most important contributors and leaders throughout history, like Santa’s original flight team—Dasher and Dancer and Comet and Cupid. Readers will be able to visit the magical Christmas Observatory where elves scout the skies for life on other planets, because if there are good little alien girls and boys on other planets, don’t they deserve Christmas too?

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However, for a children’s book, this one isn’t very accessible for young readers. It has at least triple the word count of usual children’s books, which intimidated all my nieces when presented with it as an option. This book would take a parent several nights to spread out bedtime reading. And much of the language was too sophisticated for young readers with the use of words such as principality, infrastructure, chalet, ergonomic, and implicitly to name a few.

That aside, as an adult I loved how detailed and thorough this book was. It is incredibly festive and creative. The author has truly envisioned how big the world of the North Pole is & has thought of everything! It was still a lot to digest for myself but would be more fun to read in bites over the holiday season. Therefore my final review is:

Illustrations: 5 stars

Content: 4.5 stars

Accessibility for kids: 2 stars

Thank you Curiosity Ink Media for providing me with a free copy of this book in your fall release bundle in exchange for an honest review. Click the titles below to read reviews for each of the books pictured here.

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