Internment – 3 Star Review

“America is us. America is ours. It’s worth fighting for. The people united will never be defeated. Resist.”

-Samira Ahmed, Internment

Internment follows a seventeen year old American born girl named Layla and her family who hold Muslim beliefs. The President (who sounds awfully familiar) issues an anti-Muslim proclamation causing fear and racism to run rampant. Layla and her family do not hide their religious affiliation on the Census and thus, are targeted, arrested and sent to an internment camp with other Muslims. To say they are treated inhumanely is putting it lightly. What goes on in the camp is absolutely jaw dropping and shocking. What makes it so shocking is that this is not that far removed from the reality we are living. This is a very political book and without delving into politics in this review, I’ll simply state that this is something that could happen in the near future or may have already happened to some extent. This book is very eye opening and a slap in the face for those us who remain quiet about certain injustices in the world (I am guilty of such).

I do spoiler free reviews on this blog so I won’t dive into specifics of why I rated this book as I did but let me tell you, the character depth and certain character-related situations were bad. This book gets five golden stars for the main plot but the supporting factors for this book were crumbling. This book is classified as YA and it sure does sink into the YA tropes like quicksand. Layla’s parents had an alarming oblivious nature to where she was or what she was doing. Layla’s whole M.O. is to fly by the seat of her pants with no real plan or regard to anyone. She is overly obsessed with seeing, kissing and contacting her boyfriend on the outside. Another relationship develops in curious ways that was a big N-O for me personally. It just fell flat.

I feel bad about rating this book 3 stars because the message it sends it so important. One that everyone should read regardless of your political stance because this can happen. It IS happening, although not yet to this extreme. I read this from a traveling mark-up book group on Litsy, which Coco also participated in. I am glad to have read it, I just wish it would have come together a bit cleaner and not relied so heavily upon YA tropes.

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