Lore Olympus – 3.5 Star Review

To be honest, I have a lot of mixed feelings on this book. It was the 2021 Goodreads Choice Award winner for their Graphic Novel category, and I’ve been seeing it on social media for months. Though I’m not an expert on Greek Mythology, I really enjoy retellings. This one was pitched as the romantic retelling of Hades & Persephone – umm King of the Underworld as a love interest? Sign me up! 

What I didn’t know going into this read was that Lore Olympus was originally on WebToon. I’ve read WebToon serials in the past and enjoy that platform for digital graphic novels. If you’re not familiar, it is a free app/website where creators can independently publish their graphic novels. Each creator usually sets a schedule and releases episodes every week or so and users can subscribe. This book covers Episodes 1-25, but you can still read all of these on WebToon for free today! I’ll add a link at the end of this review.

First off, this is not for kids. The graphic novel contains adult content and themes (mostly sexual in nature), and the opening includes a trigger warning for the reader. The cover art is gorgeous and was one of the first things that kept drawing me to read this book. The same quality of illustrations continues throughout the entire collection with a vibrant yet dark color scheme that I couldn’t get enough of.

I really enjoyed all the characters, the art, and the storyline. However, I did notice several transitional flaws between panels and episodes that left me a bit confused and impacted my overall enjoyment of the story. This may be less noticeable if you are reading in the original WebToon format where the reader is meant to read only an episode a day or a week and not all in one sitting as I did with the print copy. I think putting a little time between reading each episode allows for more forgiveness regarding transitions. 

Another point I want to highlight is that those familiar with Greek Mythology and characters have the best footing going in. The author doesn’t do a lot of introductory work with the Gods and Goddesses, but if you have a basic understanding like I did, then you can follow this plot easily. However, those well versed in Greek tales I think would have a deeper level of appreciation and understanding of relationships between all the characters. 

With the hype going into this novel, I found myself a little disappointed once completing my read and had settled on a 3-star rating. Though as I sat with my book, I still wanted more of Hades & Persephone’s story once I closed the page. Therefore, I opened my WebToon app to continue reading and discovered that there are currently 188 episodes published! After reading several more episodes on my phone (not the full 188 haha!), I decided that I prefer the experience you get from the WebToon app format more so than the print copy. This surprised me a bit. Since I did immediately continue reading and have sat with the story more, I decided to raise my rating up to 3.5 stars. Will I continue the series another day? Perhaps. I do like knowing it’s available at my fingertips with the app and may open it up when I find myself in a waiting room or at a time when I don’t have a physical book with me.

Click here to read Lore Olympus yourself on WebToon and let me know what you think!

Reviewed by Coco 

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