Being the youngest of a seven, I felt highly disadvantaged by being the last to learn how to read. Once I unlocked the mystery of the 26 letter alphabet, I felt magical! We recently moved back to my home state of Arkansas and always seeking out our next adventure. I’ve been happily married since 2012 and am the Mama Bear of two rowdy boys whom we proudly adopted through foster care. My oldest is a vivacious reader like myself and is often found stealing my books. I bounce around genres, but I’d say my palate is mostly YA and Fantasy. I dabble with contemporary, historical fiction, sci-fi, dystopian, psychological thrillers, retellings, graphic novels, and poetry. I enjoy reading in print & audio format the most, but occasionally pick up e-books for on the go convenience. Bookish First & Netgalley are two early reviewer programs that I use regularly. I also host a laid back YA book club on IG each month! You can find me on the following bookish social media platforms: Goodreads, Litsy, and Bookstagram I offer professional beta reading at Beta Reading Services and co-host a rad bookish Podcast with Katie that you can find on Spotify or any other podcast platform!


I have always had a love for reading thanks to my Dad who always had a book in hand. I learned to read before I was five years old and never stopped. Well, maybe I lost a little focus during the teenage years but I am happy to report I have bounced back. I reside in Arkansas and I am a 33 year old mother to a six year old daughter and married to a non-reader. I know: blasphemy, right? We make it work. I read a wide variety of genres to which I credit an online book club I am an Admin for on Facebook: Monthly Book Club. My bread and butter is YA and fantasy but I do have a love for general fiction that is rip-your-heart-out and depressing. I read across all mediums: print, ebook, audiobook. Just give me all the books. You can find me on the following platforms: Litsy, Bookstagram and Goodreads


I have read books casually through out my life. However, it wasn’t until recently that I had a passion pour over me for Stories – any and all!  I have fallen deeply in love with books again.  I live in Arkansas. I have been married for 10 years. I know. Crazy. We have three fantastic monsters! B is 8, A is 4, and C is 2!  I live for a books that can take me to another world. That being said, I have been known to like a good rom com!  If I can have it completely my way, I would always have the print copy in my hands. But life happens, that’s why audio was created! I am also an inspiring author.  Hopefully in the not so distant future, you will be seeing me on your bookshelf! Follow me on Litsy and Goodreads !


Hey y’all! I currently reside in sunny Florida, but I am originally from Illinois. I have become a true southerner and my husband says I have acquired the southern drawl too moving from IL to AL to MS and now sunny FL. I think this is our last stop! (Fingers crossed) I grew up as an only child and started my love for books at the age of 11-ish when my best friend and I would lay in bed with a book taking turns reading. We started with V. C. Andrews. She would read one page and I would read the other and that is when I fell in love with all things books. I returned back to my love of books in 2019, taking a 2 year break after getting my degree. Since I am an introverted introvert, this is all I do. I would rather stay home and read a book over being out in the world. Find me engulfed in a book world and away from reality. LOL I love most genres. The only one I haven’t fell in love with is non-fiction. So, drop me a good book rec, and I will read it (as long as it’s not non-fiction)! Right now I am loving Fantasy and historical fiction the most. You can find me on Instagram mostly diving into a buddy read or 5 each month. LOL I am also on Goodreads.


Reading has always been one of my biggest passions. As a kid, I always got in trouble for reading under my desk at school, for staying up too late to finish a book, or for reading instead of doing homework.  My collection currently has over 500 books and counting—and they definitely do not all fit on my bookshelves. I married my high school sweetheart, a non-reader who somehow puts up with the way my books mysteriously multiply and spread across our house. We live in South Carolina with our two cats and, of course, all of my books. My favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi of any age-range. I also have a deep love of YA of any genre and have recently found a love of romance books. I read most everything, but am a mood reader which makes me awful at deciding what to read next! I’m also an aspiring author, currently working very slowly on a project I love. You can find me on Bookstagram.


I was first introduced at an early age to books and the library and therefore a lifetime love of reading inspired by my mom. I am a book lover to my absolute core. I am born, raised, and still live in Massachusetts and love every minute of it! However even though books have always been my passion I am also an athlete, workout enthusiast and sports lover at heart (Boston all the way!). My forever favorite genre’s are fantasy, sci-fi, romance and fiction, however lately I have been dabbling in almost all of the genre’s and loving every moment of it. I have always loved to hold a physical book in my hands but I have grown to love ebooks wholeheartedly and recently discovered audiobooks and have not looked back! Who knew listening to a book could be so amazing! You can find me on Bookstagram