Mr. Zip’s Windy Day – 5 Star Review

This year marks the 60th anniversary of “Mr. ZIP” (sometimes known as “Zippy”), who debuted in 1963 as a fun cartoon personification for the United States Postal Service (USPS) to help spur widespread usage of the ZIP code system. Visit the Smithsonian site to explore historical information.

“Mr. ZIP,” the iconic USPS mascot who teaches children about mail and values, is celebrated and relaunched through an all-new children’s book. Mr. Zip’s Windy Day is a quick “life the flap” storybook featuring Mr. Zip, a USPS postman, & his sidekick bird B. Franklin. The book reinvents “Mr. ZIP” for a new era of young readers, while celebrating the original, classic American icon that was introduced to Americans in 1963. “Mr. ZIP” earned his nickname by being the fastest USPS mail sorter in the business. Using his knack for numbers and speedy nature, he created a code to pinpoint location — the ZIP code!

Kids and families will love the interactive lift-the-flap element as they join Mr. ZIP for one windy adventure! Mr. ZIP and his trusty sidekick, B. Franklin, start their day in the mail room, then it’s time to begin the mail route. Unfortunately, when they begin their deliveries, a huge gust of wind blows the letters away! On a mission to track them down, Mr. ZIP and B. Franklin attempt to find every last letter. Will they be able to deliver them all before the day ends?

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This was a short story with tons of interactive flaps that would be very pleasing to young readers. Kids will have tons of fun hunting for the pictures and seeing the cute images that hide beneath. I loved how some flaps prompt the reader to count items such as birds in a nest or stamps behind a cabinet. Other elements I liked were how this book showcases a postman in his day-to-day job & how the story still had a beginning, middle, and end, even with the small text real estate. I presented this to three of my nieces aged 5-8 and this was their favorite in my stack. They loved the accessibility with easy-to-read text as well as the interactive flaps.

Add Mr. Zip’s Windy Day to your Goodreads or grab your own copy today! Best recommended for kids aged 5-12.

Thank you Curiosity Ink Media for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Coco

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