Nimona – 5 star Review

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This YA graphic novel was just the cleanser read I was needing! May has been a slow reading month for me and I was feeling a little bogged down with my regular YA fantasy reads. A bookstagram friend recommended this graphic novel to me a few weeks back, and my library hold came in just in time!

Nimona features an over eager sidekick, a villain with a conscious, and an arch nemesis relationship that’s more complex than you’d think.

Nimona is a shape shifter, who’s greatest desire is to team up as the new sidekick for super villain, Ballister Blackheart. Their relationship and banter comprised the heart of the story and kept me thoroughly entertained. Blackheart is mature in his villainy and does his best to tame the reckless energy of his new sidekick.

This story had the right amount of action and humor with a well developed emotional underside. The panels transitioned the story in a smooth way, and the art work was beautiful, fitting to the atmosphere of the setting. I really enjoyed the backstory on all of the characters, and the dynamics between all the character arcs. For a graphic novel, I was impressed with the character depth and how well it enhanced the overall plot. There is a very subtle LGBTQ relationship within this story that I thought added value to the character arcs and plot.

One of my absolute favorite scenes involved a game night between Nimona and Blackheart. If you look closely at the panels I think you can guess what modern games these are mimicking. Being a board game lover myself, I found this section superbly entertaining! This is definitely a 5 star read for me, and one I will be sharing with both my boys. It’s appropriate for all ages and shows the reader that we are all heroes in our own stories.

Reviewed by Coco

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