Part of Your World – 5 Star Review

“There’s something more final than forever. It’s never. Never is infinite.”

Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez

One of my favorite romance/rom-com authors on this planet is Abby Jimenez. I was graciously given an ARC through NetGalley of Part of Your World and I picked it up immediately. Jimenez has not let me down with this new addition and I hereby recommend that you give her books a shot. Part of Your World can be read as a standalone, however, it does reference two characters from Jimenez’s prior novels, so I would ultimately recommend that you read them in order so you understand the references and so it won’t spoil the outcome for the others!

We meet Alexis who works for and is the daughter of a large generational owned hospital. Alexis gets stuck in a ditch in the middle of nowhere and in comes our leading man, Daniel, to pull her out. Daniel lives in a very small town and is rugged, charming and basically your perfect human being. Alexis and Daniel fall hard and fast for each other even though they live hours apart and have extremely different lifestyles. Alexis is currently trying to find her place in the hospital to please her overbearing, extremely unlikable father and Daniel is struggling to keep his Inn from being sold by his not-present mother that has been built and lived in by his family. Can these two find a way to combine their lives that are so drastically different?

This book was so enjoyable and I read it quickly. Alexis comes from a money-rich community and family while Daniel is a hard-working, struggling to make ends meet, rugged type. Alexis has a LOT to sort out in her life so the story had an interesting side plot besides the typical romantic challenges often found in this genre.  Daniel has been added to my fictional collection of cinnamon rolls and nothing bad should ever happen to him, lest there be a riot. This is the first of Jimenez’s books to include a little bit of magical realism that surrounds the town and the Inn that Daniel lives in and I loved every bit of it. Alexis has the kind of friend that every girl needs in her life through Bri. Bri is hilarious, ultra supportive of Alexis and has the best little quips. I was VERY excited to see that the next book will be from Bri’s perspective. I also need this book in my hands ASAP.

Trigger warnings for this book would include psychological abuse, narcissism and domestic abuse.

If anyone is ever thinking about branching out into the romance genre I always recommend Abby Jimenez. Her books are fun, but not overly cheesy. They usually fall on the side of “instant love” with the exception being her first novel, Friend Zone. I am typically not a fan of the instant love relationship but here I am, reading these books and loving them all the same.

Part of Your World comes out on April 19, 2022

-Review by Kelly

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