Poison Ivy: Thorns – 4 Star Review

I absolutely love partnering with DC and showcasing their new YA graphic novels. Poison Ivy: Thorns is the perfect release for PRIDE month, and a book that you have to get your hands on! I cannot get enough of villain POV stories in YA fiction, and this book did not disappoint!

This is Poison Ivy’s origin story. We follow the teenage life of Pamela, an environmentally passionate girl with some dark family secrets. Pamela is being harassed at school & hurt at home, but finds comfort in her greenhouse and a new friendship with a girl named Alice.

LGBTQ themes (F/F) in this novel made me smile. I loved the budding friendship and the complications of differing operating morals for both characters. Where Alice is caring and empowers Pamela/Ivy to stand up for herself, Alice still operates with a clear moral compass. Pamela needs the boost in confidence but takes matters into her own hands which does cross a line. Pamela/Ivy is absolutely a morally grey character, but after reading this story it’s hard not to sympathize with her choices. 

The illustrations in this graphic novel were beautifully drawn and the coloring went well with the plot. I was engaged in the story from the start and did not have any pacing issues or trouble with transitions of the panels. 

However, the ending felt a little rushed and is my reasoning for knocking a star on the rating. The end did leave me itching for the next one and I can’t wait to see more!

See more inside this book by checking out Author Kody Keplinger and Artist Sara Kipin’s interview and watch the Youtube book trailer. Thank you DC for this partnership and allowing me an early look into this graphic novel! Grab your copy for only $15 now

Reviewed by Coco

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