Silk Hills – 3 Star Review

Thank you to Oni Press for a copy of an Advanced Reader’s Copy in exchange for an honest review. Silk Hills by Ryan Ferrier, Brian Level and illustrations by Kate Sherron released on June 14th, 2022.

“Silk Hills is changing, and I’m not sure into what.”

Beth Wills is hired by the Silk Hills mayor as a tracker to locate his missing son, Abel. Beth is an ex-military vet who is looking for jobs to supplement her wandering civilian lifestyle and decides to take on this missing persons case and flex her skills a bit. Beth soon finds out that Silk Hills is a little off. The locals range from the friendly, yet eccentric girl-next-motel-door to the downright creepy bar fiends who don’t take “No” too kindly. Beth finds herself facing a mixture of various horrors in Silk Hills and is determined to get to the bottom of it.

I appreciate the horror aspect of this graphic novel. I thoroughly enjoy horror stories, whether in movie, book, or “word of mouth” formats. I enjoyed the artistry around the horror elements and thought that they were very eye catching while being sufficiently creepy. There are small details drawn in, often behind the “focal point” of the frame which was fun to notice. Beth was developed well as the main character and what a fitting contrast to the town of Silk Hills. Beth is everything that town is not: youthful, determined, caring. Overall, the story had good classic horror themes and is a good set-up for what looks to be a series.

My biggest complaint is that at times it was hard to follow with what was happening to Beth during her search. For a few frames it would appear Beth was “influenced” and hallucinating, but then is moving about on her journey in the next frame of the page normally. A chapter break or scene break would have been nice to help adjust to what is (or is not) happening to Beth. The story involves a long-abandoned mine shaft, which added a great spooky detail for the story, but felt a little lacking. More scenes or more interaction within the mine shaft could have pulled me into the dark and ominous atmosphere a bit more once the build to the climax begins.

If you’re into old classic horror stories similar to Mothman or other monster-skinned humanoid tales, then this should fit the bill for you. It’s sufficiently creepy and enjoyable, I found the art to be well-drawn with plenty of dark corners, gore and a few rather unsettling scenes.

-Review by Kelly

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