Snow Boy – 4 Star Review

What happens to a snow person after the individual who makes them goes inside? Are they sad? Are they lonely? Do they miss the attention? What if the snow person happens to peek inside? Will they see a happy family gathering for dinner or reading a bedtime story in front of the fire?
Snow Boy answers the questions. As our hero, Snow Boy heads off in search of where he truly belongs. Is Snow Boy’s family with the squirrels? No. With the beavers? Nope. With the big brown bears? Certainly not! Who can Snow Boy snuggle with? Who will take him in? How will Snow Boy find his perfect family? Find out as the entire forest community bands together to uncover the perfect solution and fit!

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Snow Boy was a charming & cozy holiday read featuring a snowman main character trying to find his own friends, family, and community. I enjoyed that this seasonal book was not holiday-specific, but instead focused on the atmosphere of a winter read with cozy elements of family. It was a little sad at times when Snow Boy kept failing at fitting in with different families but the ending was incredibly beautiful & I loved how all the characters came together.

I was excited that this story was a rhyming book since those are my favorite styles for children’s books. However, the cadence didn’t always work for the different stanzas and some sections were overly wordy and easy to trip over. Another personal critique of this book involves the illustrations of Snow Boy. While I loved the color scheme and warm holiday hues, Snow Boy himself had some peculiar fingers and toes that gave him more of a polar bear cub look to me than a Snow Person. While this book had some imperfections, I enjoyed the journey it took me on & the warm fuzzy feelings at the end. I think young readers will enjoy the story and characters of this storybook as they explore themes of acceptance.

Snow Boy by Darren Farrell is available now for purchase at stores near you. Grab yourself a copy or visit Goodreads to add it to your reading shelf.

Thank you Curiosity Ink Media for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Coco

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