Teen Titans: Raven – 5 Star Review

Teen Titans: Raven

by Kami Garcia

Illustrated by: Gabriel Picolo

This story pops off with a bang & chapter one will break your heart. After a tragedy, Raven ends up leaving Atlanta to live with a new foster family in New Orleans. However, things are more complicated than they seem. Raven is suffering from memory loss and grief. Aside from not knowing basic things like her favorite book or candy bar – she’s unsure if the voices she’s hearing is new or something she’s dealt with before. Teenage life is hard in general, but adding a layer of ominous supernatural forces can make things very interesting.

“There are so many things I can’t remember – my favorite book or the kind of music I like.”

Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia

I visited NOLA for the first time this year (pre-COVID19) and fell head over heels in love with the city! I love the history, the food, the voo-doo, basically the entire culture. Little details of NOLA are woven into the plot & illustrations and make this graphic novel all the more immersing!

Speaking of illustrations, I enjoyed the imagery but was not a huge fan of the coloring. I can appreciate the artistic vision the illustrator is going for, especially for how it appears they are doing the series. Raven is very softly colored with a sweeping theme of purple throughout and Beast Boy seems to be the same but green instead of purple. Some moments are intensified by adding more color on panels next to the grays, so again I can appreciate the artist goals and didn’t hate it. However, I love big color pops and this book didn’t have that.

If you’re looking for a gripping graphic novel that also includes fun Halloween, Witch, Magic Vibes then consider checking this out! I can’t wait to read Beast Boy & see how his & Raven’s stories collide.

Reviewed by Coco

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