The Book Keepers’ Retreat


Back in March, we launched The Book Keepers Community to foster a tighter knit group of book loving friends. If you missed all the details you can read our earlier blog post by clicking here. After joining in on some readathons, buddy reads, watch parties, and fun group chats – we decided it was time to meet in real life and planned the first Book Keepers’ Reading Retreat! Seven bookstagrammers from all across the US met together for three nights of fun at a lakeside house. It was absolutely surreal for me to finally meet each of these friends in person and finally get to hug their necks while hanging out and talking about books! We all came away with “homework” of books and shows to read before we get together again. Not only were friendships flourished, but we came away with adding a new blogger to this site! I’m so happy to introduce you all to my Sagittarius sister, Sam! 


Sister is right! Even though I live halfway across the country, the amazing human that Coco is, chatted me up any time my awkward self messaged her and the similarities grew! Turn that into a Community and a friendship that grew so much that she convinced me to fly my butt halfway across the country to see her in person and it was for sure one of the best decisions my introverted butt has ever made!

I’d say it’s the best decision because I finally got to hug my Sag twin but considering there were seven of us there she wasn’t the only person I spent my time with and the fact that I came away (and I know everyone else did too) feeling like I’d had these lifelong friends all along and never even knew it! 

We spent time wandering around the downtown shops, lounging around in the mineral filled hot springs, walking around the National Park to see the gorgeous views, and munching on delicious food in some of the amazing little shops downtown! Turns out we all love games and those took up many of our nights and we made so many memories.

To say we did all the things are just words. To know that I now have six new family members to gush on about anything with is another!


Book readers are known for being quiet and reserved. Snuggled up in a corner with their book and cup of coffee. But let me tell you. The bookkeeper’s retreat was anything but quiet. We laughed until we were crying. Seriously it turned into a game at one point. We yelled about our favorite characters and screamed when someone liked a story we didn’t. We drooled over debut books and started lists of classics for everyone to read. Diving headfirst into the lake was refreshing after shopping the downtown scene in 100-degree weather. And in the quiet moments everywhere you turned someone was reading. We all live so much in fantasy worlds that it was pure joy to get this moment of bliss with friends that became family. I’m ready to do it again and maybe this time you will join us!


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