The Diviners – 5 Star Review

People will believe anything if it means they can go on with their lives and not have to think too hard about it.

-The Diviners by Libba Bray

The Diviners was recommended to me by one of my fellow Admins from Monthly Book Club and I should have listened to Jordan and read this sooner! If you are into things like the occult, magical abilities, the 1920’s or murder then start adding this to your TBR or shopping cart and enjoy!

The Diviners starts off with a Ouija Board “party game” gone wrong and an evil entity appropriately titled “Naughty John” is released into the world. Next we meet our cast of characters, the main one being Evie O’Neill. Evie has some “party tricks” of her own where we learn that she see secrets or information about people by simply holding an object that belongs to them. Evie uncovers some true pearl-clutching gossip about a fellow youth and gets sent to New York to live with her Uncle to avoid the drama from her small town. Soon, gruesome murders start making the newspaper headlines and Evie takes it upon her self to find out what is truly happening.

This book was SO FUN. Bray creates a wonderfully creepy atmosphere while keeping it very true to the 1920’s era. I learned all kinds of new lingo and even Googled a film star mentioned to get a picture of the style for the times. If we could bring back the phrase “Everything’s jake” or “I’m jake” I would love it immensely. There are a LOT of characters in this book and they do meet up at one point or another in the novel, some more briefly than others. The characters are well fleshed out and each had a unique ability, so it was not at all hard for me to keep them differentiated from one another. We get a brief look into the magical abilities of the others, and I’m assuming they become much more important in the subsequent books. The occult aspect is done quite well and I hope that it continues on in the series.

I bought book two in this series, Lair of Dreams, at full price before I completed The Diviners. That should be a glowing recommendation in itself of how much I enjoyed this book. This is one I’ll be recommending to quite a few friends!

“Naughty John, Naughty John, does his work with his apron on. Cuts your throat and takes your bones, sells ’em off for a coupla stones.”

-Review by Kelly

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