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The Wishing Spell (Book 1) by Chris Colfer
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I read this in short bursts with my nine and eleven-year-old sons as our bedtime story over the span of a couple months. They absolutely adored the adventures of the main characters and pleasantly ‘shook’ at the ending. No spoilers in this review though! As an adult, I found the story to be very cute but I myself don’t see myself continuing the series. A bit ‘too’ middle grade for my tastes, but I’m happy to know the boys want to continue reading it. Who knows, they may convince me to read more to them a little while later…

The main characters are fraternal twins, Alex and Conner. I think this was so clever of the author because young readers have two options for main characters to emotionally connect with. A perfect set up for boys and girls to both enjoy. This story had romance, but not too much. It also had action, but not to harsh. Conner is the more sociable twin and his sarcastic sense of humor had my boys cracking up a lot. Alex is the brainy stereotype and has a harder time socializing in school. I like that the twins each have their own identity and voice within the story, yet the sibling bond is an important thread the author weaves. 

One day, Alex accidently falls into her book of fairy tales that has recently began to glow and hum. Conner quickly follows her into the descent as he sees her fall. These events happen early on in the story and the rest of the plot revolves around the twins’ search for a way back home. They adventure to several kingdoms, encounter villains, and meet some of their favorite fairy tale characters. 

This was a great bedtime story read for us as a family. The scene changes and chapter transitions were smooth, so it was easy for us to sit the book down and pick back up in without having to do a lot of recap. I loved listening to my kiddos predictions to where the plot was going and seeing their reactions when the big reveals happened. This was a 4 star read for my personal tastes, but the boys rate it 5 stars! 

Reviewed by CoCo

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