The Sun Down Motel – 3.5 Star Review

The Sun Down Motel follows Carly, who sets off on her own accord to figure out what happened behind the disappearance of her Aunt Viv in 1982. Carly’s mother would never talk about Vivian, so all she knows is that her Aunt Viv worked the night shift at a hotel called The Sun Down Motel and mysteriously disappeared one night, never to be heard from again. The story is told in alternating POV’s, Carly (set in 2017) and Viv (set in 1982). Carly winds up taking the same overnight position at The Sun Down Motel, which hasn’t changed or been updated one bit in thirty-five years. Carly quickly discovers that there are some paranormal activities happening at The Sun Down Motel and how they might just link to her Aunt’s disappearance.

This was a good book, especially the paranormal aspect. You don’t often find books that have good paranormal elements that aren’t either too over-the-top and cheesy or where it *surprise!* isn’t paranormal activity after all. I was quite engaged with that part of the story. The rest of it…..was a little boring to me. It moved along at a decent pace but the story is pretty straight forward. No real surprising twists or turns which is something I was hoping for in a “whodunnit” book. I often find myself distracted while reading ANY book due to having a four year old in my house, however, I didn’t find myself disappointed that I was being distracted. I would often pick up my phone while reading to check Instagram, look through the online book club, etc. It just couldn’t seem to hold my attention for very long.

That being said, I would still probably recommend this to quite a few people. It’s a book that I think appeals to a lot of people. People who enjoy a mystery book, people who are interested in a ghost story but maybe get scared easily. This book has very mildly creepy parts in it, but nothing what I would consider “scary”. This book is raved about in my Facebook book club by those that have already read it, so I think my opinion is a little on the outside of the majority. If you’re in the neighborhood for an easy read, check it out!

Review by Kelly

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