This Book is Anti-Racist – 3 Star Review

This Book is Anti-Racist

by Tiffany Jewell

There was a lot I loved and disliked about this book. The first half focused primarily on personal and social identities and exploring who we, the readers, are. Being an adoptive mom to a Black and a White son, I was extremely excited for children’s book that would open dialogs about race. 

However, this book is NOT ideal for adoptive kids that do not know their genetic history. We had several hard conversations and I think it left my boys in a weird, emotionally disconnected, place because they don’t truly know their heritage. I wouldn’t recommend this book to any of my other adoptive families unless you’ve done DNA testing and have a background knowledge into your kids’ ancestry, or even to just skip the first half of the book.

The second half of the book focused more on social justice and activism which we enjoyed a lot more. This novel is marketed to 8-12 year olds & my boys are 10 & 12. I had to engage in continuous sidebars and elaboration to nail points home. There were a bunch of new terms, philosophies, and historical references that they weren’t familiar with. The author also doesn’t spend a lot of time educating on all the facets surrounding her argument for her main ideas and assumes pre-exposure to many social concepts. If you’re willing to do that work as a parent, then it can be chewable for the kids. However, for independent reading I’d recommend more for 13 and older. I think this is a great resource for teenagers!

At the end of each chapter the author provides journaling activities to help hit messages home & we liked doing those as chapter wrap ups. My boys both said they enjoyed the conversations around anti-racism & feel more prepared to work towards social justice. 

This book not only focuses on race, but it promotes concepts that fight against ableism, sexism, and other similar types of discrimination as well. I loved seeing that explored by the author.

The illustrations were popping with colors and extremely captivating for the reader. A great resource for school libraries and older students or adults. 

-Reviewed by Coco

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