Three Dark Crowns: 4 Star Review

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“One of her own triplets had shown an early gift as well. Mirabella. The great elemental.”

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake 

This book is very fascinating. I find it can be hard sometimes to see a world when the author writes in third person. This book proves that theory very wrong. The world building in this book. Hooked me from the start. We follow a set of triplets that are now of age and ready to become queen. But only one of them will ascend to the throne. Each triplet is sent to live with whatever magic they present to have. Naturalist, Elemental, or Poisoner.  

I would definitely want to be a naturalist. Dream magic for me! We are walked through the differences between their daily lives and the fact that they are pitted against each other from birth. These triplets begin to have some troubles appear and it looks like there ascension year is not going to go as planned. We are left on a major cliffhanger. This is book one of the series. I am excited to continue deeper into this world! Be on the lookout for One Dark Throne review!

Reviewed by Katie

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