Well Met – 3.5 Star Review

“I didn’t choose the wench life. The wench life chose me.”

-Jen DeLuca, Well Met

Continuing on my contemporary romance and/or rom-com binge, Well Met found it’s way into my hands. This has been sitting on my shelf for a little while, and I asked my fellow Monthly Book Club mods if I should pick up this or Get a Life, Chloe Brown and this was the front-runner.

In Well Met, we meet Emily who has moved in with her older sister and niece who had recently gotten into a car accident and was temporarily disabled. Emily is tasked with taking care of her sister and shuttling her niece around to various activities, one being a summer-time Renaissance Faire! Emily quickly learns that if her niece wants to participate, an adult has to volunteer also. She gets assigned to be a corset-clad bar wench! Emily meets the guy in charge of the Renaissance Faire, Simon, and boy is he unfriendly. He seemingly hates everything about Emily and seems like a generally unfriendly guy. Cue the “enemies to lovers” trope as often seen in romance novels.

I gave this 3.5 stars because I did like this book. It was fun, made me laugh a few times and also REALLY made me want to go to a Renaissance Faire. It sounded like an awesome time! I don’t mind the “enemies to lovers” trope but the chemistry between Emily and Simon seemed very forced and not well developed. I didn’t necessarily dislike Simon, but he really was quite an unpleasant, rude person. Of course he has some “surrounding circumstances” but I don’t really feel like it was a good enough excuse for him to treat people the way he did. I’ve also found another reoccurring theme within these romance novels that I am not a fan of and that is the women in these novels creating problems in their head that very obviously do not exist. It’s almost a little cringy and is an automatic star-deduction for me. Of course people read situations and feelings wrong but it can get a bit too over the top and silly. Emily’s sister is also kind of evasive and odd in this novel but it was never really explained why. I thought it would play some small part in the story but ultimately it did not, though it got mentioned a few times.

Overall, this was a good debut novel and I do plan on reading the second book, Well Played, that is slated to release this fall. That will follow a different set of characters but the main character appeared in Well Met and was a good, but kind of ditzy, friend to Emily.

Review by Kelly

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