Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed – 4 Star Review

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed

by Laurie Halse Anderson

Illustrated by: Leila Del Duca

This newest Wonder Woman YA graphic novel by DC was girl power dreams! We start off the story in Themyscira on Princess Diana’s 16th Born Day. Laurie captured the essence of teenage insecurities for our young main character so flawlessly! Diana struggles with feeling different than all the other Amazonian female warriors and has always had high hopes for a dramatic change come her 16th year. However, not a lot feels different for her. We experience her youth and insecurities in her home country and then see her ripped from it.

The plot takes off when certain events lead to the seperation of Diana from her home island. She finds herself a young refugee that ends up in New York City. A family takes her in and she begins a life in the city. I loved the dynamic of her foster family & the plot line that takes hold. Diana finds herself drawn to helping the city youth which keep disappearing in what seems to be a sex-trafficking ring.

DC prides itself on inserting relevant social issues within their comics, and I have truly come to enjoy this. I thought the topics over refugees and sex trafficking were age appropriately represented and it provided for some valuable conversations that I had with my two kids. My boys are both 9 & 11 years old and read any graphic novel that enters this house. They both read – and loved Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed!

My favorite aspects of this story were the social justice narratives, the whimsical illustrations, and the perfect capture of a 16 year old female voice and character. One issue I did have overall, was the lack of information regarding Diana’s gifts: the lasso, the arm cuffs, and tiara. I know these are staples to Wonder Woman and have many super-power realm abilities and though the book shows her using them, it doesn’t quite explain what all they can do. Granted, Diana is learning about all of this as well and perhaps more will come in a follow up graphic novel (I hope)! This detail though still bugged me and is why I knocked a star on my rating. Don’t worry though folx, my kids were quick to educate me on her fierce accessories once I voiced my complaints to them!

Thank you DC for providing me with a free copy of this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review. I absolutely love putting stories about fierce female heroes in the hands of my two boys and hope to continue to see more of Diana’s story! Beautiful illustrations and great plot!

Reviewed by Coco

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