Woven in Moonlight – 4.5 Star Review

“Many who fight in our army become fiercer at night, dangerous like the creatures that hunt the moon.”

Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez

A debut YA fantasy novel steeped in Bolivian culture. If that doesn’t snag your attention, the cover art definitely will! I have been following Isabel Ibanez on Instagram since I heard the buzz about this book at Y’all Fest last fall, and I can definitely see what the hype is about!

I love that Isabel is not only a writer, but also an artist. She lives in a town not too far from where I’m located at in FL, so I had the pleasure of meeting her and hearing her speak on two different occasions for her book tour. She not only designed the cover art, but the map within, and even the chapter headings and title page are done in her own handwriting. She has a lot of personal inspirations for this novel regarding current political upheavals in Bolivia. As her family was actively protesting against the Bolivian President (uhmm tyrant), Isabel picked up her pen and protested in the form of story. Which is how this book was born. 

 I read Woven in Moonlight within four days, mostly due to the smooth flow of her writing style. It was highly descriptive, and I really enjoyed the world that she built for the reader. Her pacing was wonderful, and I’m thankful she didn’t drag out the tension building scenes and stockpile them all at the end. Some predictions I made successfully, but she kept me on my toes regarding scene choices and her magic system within the world. I won’t elaborate much more on that here, because I don’t want to spoil any fun surprises for anyone else!

Lush, Bolivian, YA fantasy tags fit this novel beautifully. I had such a hard time rating this book, because I had very few (specific) complaints. However, I never felt the emotional turmoil or deep connection to the story myself. Maybe because I read through it so fast? I’m not sure, but my heart strings just didn’t get tugged as much as I want for a 5-star review. So, I think I will settle with a 4.5-star rating on this one! It was a fun read, and a refreshingly unique setting that I loved being immersed within. & will absolutely leave you craving some Bolivian dishes! I do plan on reading any follow up novels from Isabel in the future because her writing style was lovely! 

Reviewed by Coco

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