YA Book Club on IG – Jan Selection!

Okay, so I’ve rejoined the Bookstagram (aka Instagram) world over the last year, & I seriously love the connection this platform provides to the bookish community! Seeing and hearing about books with fellow online friends is one of my highlights each day when I can snag a few free moments to connect with other readers. My bookstagram friend, Chivon and I decided to start a new YA themed book club on insta starting this January! 

We wanted a super chill way for more readers to connect and read books together. Basically, we select a book, and anyone is invited to read it along with us throughout the month. We don’t have any reading schedule, just get to it when you have time to. However, you will want to strive to finish it by Saturday, January 25, 2020 because that is when me and my girl are going to go live on our feeds and discuss the book with all you guys! We hope to have lots of familiar faces on there and everyone will be in for a fun time! The live discussion will kick off at 9:30 pm EST – once we put all our little gremlins to bed! 

Chivon and I each did a poll and the winner for this month was Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao! This is her debut novel and it was just published in November of 2019. I had the pleasure of hearing Amelie speak on a panel at Y’all Fest last fall and she is seriously the cutest thing ever! Hearing her inspiration for the story and insight into her writing life was simply fascinating! I hadn’t heard of Blood Heir up until that panel, but from her descriptions of badass female leads & the ability to blood mist enemies…umm yeah. I’m about that! Hope to see you and chat with you all on the 25th

Visit my IG page by clicking here & find Chivon by clicking here the featured image of this post is from her beautiful account!

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